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The Top Eight Rules of Networking

Source By Kelly Eggers

You know the type. People laugh with nasty, aggressive tone, and the possibility that the corner at industry conferences and talk about themselves continuously for what seems like hours? Those who clearly have good intentions, but his lack of etiquette can make you rather I had not gone further?

Here's a friendly suggestion: do not be that person.

Networking is an essential part of any job search, however, is probably the easiest thing to get wrong. Using living, breathing connections is more effective than sending resumes blindly through the internet, but for many people, approaching them do not know or get help finding a job is desperately uncomfortable and nervous.

Learn some etiquette guidelines can help you keep your behavior aboveboard, and perhaps relieve some of the fears to come in front of the well connected.

It has a solid introduction

As most know, first impressions count a lot. Make sure your clothes look, attitude and above all are the best before they go to someone.

If you're at a networking event, pay close attention to groups of people have formed around the room. Join people who are themselves, or a group of two or three, whose positions will provide a physical examination of "openness" to jump into the conversation, says Ivan Misner, founder of California-based business networking organization BNI . Introduce yourself clearly indicating your name and make eye contact while shaking hands, says Carol Goman, an expert in nonverbal communication and author of The silent language of the leaders. A weak handshake turn people, so practice with a friend to make sure that is neither overwhelming nor a coward.

If submitted online, in person, remember to follow the rules of social etiquette. If someone refers to the person, for example, put the name of mutual contact in the subject line of the e-mail, says Goman, so there is a level of instant recognition. "Email is a cool medium," he says. "If you can warm up with something personal, do so."

Do not confuse people with your pitch

We must not listen to your complete work history to get to know you. If someone asks me to tell you a little about yourself, your explanation from start to finish should take no more than 30 to 60 seconds.

This is especially true when you are networking with people who do not work in your industry. Enter the nitty gritty details of your skills and interests of chemical engineering is likely to pass over someone who works in management consulting or marketing. "Most people begin to recite your resume in reverse chronological order," says Jodi Glickman, author of great work, and founder of the consulting career with the same name.

"Instead, you should start with what you do - your destination - then a brief background history, and connects the dots between them," says Glickman. Share what is relevant, not the last. "The last thing I've been working, there could be related to what you do."

Do not tell a sad story

No matter how hard it has been necessary to give a positive image when you're making new connections. "Potential employers or connections will not bring people who are down in the dumps just to feel better," said Glickman. People want a good project, can do attitude, to be energetic and enthusiastic about the position, he says, people are happy to have a job.

Complaint, in general, has no place in a network - either by unemployment, how hard is your job, or the severity of his former employer was. "In this economy, people say 'How's business? And actually I have," says Misner. "It is no use complaining about how bad business or economics. People hate doing business with people who are in a bad mood. "

They spend more time listening than talking

In this case, the old adage is true: the people were given two ears and one mouth, and you should use proportionally. "As the world of dating, you should devote more time to listen and understand the person before you talk about yourself," says Mark Jeffries, a business consultant and author of communication What about your handshake?. "Once you really understand what drives this person, then you can introduce yourself and tell their own stories in a way that best suits your specific needs."

"Many people think that the really big network users are outgoing, extroverted but not you shut up," says Misner. Talking about oneself is a great way to spread the word about who you are, but listening attentively can help you form a deeper relationship with someone.

Avoid being socially inept

There's a fine line between being friendly and nice and be clumsy. You do not want to be the last.

"Stay away from talking about things that would make people uncomfortable," said Glickman. "For example, do not tell me they were out of work for six months, having recently had surgery on the brain, or because they were fired." People will feel like they need pity, but do not want to be the basis of a relationship. Being vague about the negatives - like saying is returning after a six-month medical leave, or after spending some time travel - is a good way to keep the conversation at a high level.

You should keep some normal social constructs, such as where to have their eyes and how close they are to people. Looking through the eyes of someone in the middle of the forehead is professional, compared to a more social of the eyes to the mouth, says Goman. You should also try to keep arm's length away from any person who is speaking, says Misner.

No Permanence his welcome

Taking too long to someone is almost as bad as ignoring them altogether.

"It is imperative that you understand when the time is up," says Jeffries. "You win in the social world if" people the first version, "so if you see a slow crossing of the arms, an increase in the amount of time they are looking over your shoulder, or a sudden obsession with the word ' anyway, "they are not so subtle hinting they'd like to move on."

They have a few "graceful exit" ready, says Goman. Examples: "It was a pleasure to meet there a couple of people here who told him to touch what I am here," or "Is there anyone here who can introduce you to?" If you're still lost, there's always the way expected "I'm going to run for another drink."

Give your business card, not your resume

You can not pass along an unsolicited resume. With or without a connection, you need to work on forming a relationship with someone before asking anything at all. Many people overlook this professional courtesy, and request new connections to serve as reference when submitting a resume or application.

"Do not ask strangers for a job," said Glickman. "You can not ask someone to do a favor to you that you do not have a relationship with. It's unprofessional, distasteful and inefficient."

Instead, go for the exchange of business cards. Make sure when his bid, in particular, and they kindly request. Do not assume that I will ask for your account. Once you're a little distance from them, take a minute to jot down some notes about the person you just met on a sheet of paper - all personnel who may have said, a story that discussed, or a business idea talked about. You can use it to refresh his memory access in a follow-up note.

Through monitoring and

Perhaps the "golden rule" of networks is that once you have planted the seeds of a new relationship, you must follow to maintenance. If it is a business referral, lead-worker or a professional relationship, contact - within 24 hours - to say that you enjoyed your performance.

"Nobody owes you anything, so it must be the most flattering I can," said Glickman. People who have taken the time to talk with you and provide you with connections or orientation deserve thanks. "Suppose you can learn from everyone. It may not be the right person, but may know someone who you might want to be in contact with."

It is also essential to get a connection to anyone refers to you. "People hate it when you give someone a referral and the person never bothers to follow up on it," says Misner. If not, has two parts look bad, he says - because you did not pursue a potential advantage, and the person who referred you, and is recommended as a reliable resource.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Courting an "independent woman"

How do I pursue an strong independent woman without coming off as clingy?-gdixonregeneca

A: When you say the strong independent, what does that mean exactly? To me, that kind of sounds like a warning - not open to a relationship or commitment, or to you specifically - but it is the development of their lack of interest as an excuse that is hard to argue with or criticize.
Here's the thing: I consider myself very very independent. And I feel bad for a bunch of guys now, because I'm very hard to pin down -I have my social calendar booked sometimes weeks in advance, and the rest of my time is spent at work. But the hard truth is that if I'm with someone, I will try very hard to make time for him.
That said, it's a balancing act: I can as a man very well and like to spend time with him, and not just honestly have much time on my agenda. That's why, especially in the beginning of a relationship, a guy who has to do a little more leg work. Try these tips.
Having a plan
If you are interested in a woman (impossible) and I have to be open about wanting to hang out, but not overbearing. Send them an email saying, hey, we can have dinner sometime this week or next? What's your schedule look like? Make solid plans with her, have strong ideas about what to do, and ask a lot, well in advance. No tasteless ... if she is busy, you can say: "Sure, I love spending time at some point" every day (even seriously), but that does not mean that we do on your calendar.
As for not being dominant - if not commit to a firm date and time, she probably is not as crowded as disinterested. If you commit to actual dates, send an e-mail or two over a week to let them know you are thinking of her and hope she is having a great day. If he likes you, she'll appreciate it. (In addition, the new science indicates that it is flirty, but not totally clear about your feelings, I pique your interest.)
Ask a current date
My nights are always, always more quickly booked my weekends during the day. Ask him to hit a local flea market with you, or coffee, or a walk on a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, and she is much more likely to say yes, if you ask for drinks or dinner .
For other ideas, great date, check to make every day an unforgettable adventure. And play our dating game to see how much you know about dating. And good luck!

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Regeneca launches the first all-natural pill erectile dysfunction home business!

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Regeneca Announces "The One Step Millionaire"

Regeneca announced an exclusive agreement to implement the program Step millionaire business opportunity Regeneca. The only thing I have learned in this industry is that people want and need a system. Step millionaire offers a turnkey system designed for 98% of network marketers continually struggle. Imagine having a professional sales team to answer questions and close sales / leads for you. The term "game changer" is thrown around too often and without merit, but from the information I have. This is the real deal!

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In a press release Regeneca, said: "A millionaire is a step unique, patent pending program with traditional network marketing to new levels by combining the power of experienced practitioners of direct response marketing to help increase retention and decrease consumer erosion of network marketers. Its purpose is to help that 98% of network marketers that usually do not succeed. "

The Power of RegeneBlend And Live Blood Analysis

Wednesday- Sept. 28- Irvine, CA. Corporate Sampling Party/Company OverviewSpecial Guest Nena Niessen- 7 PM
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The Power of RegeneBlend – An All Natural Blend of Super Antioxidants

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65 Pounds and Counting!!

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It’s Pumpkin Pie Time!

This is the last great choice for your shake in the morning!

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Regeneca's products are unique, just like you. Working together, we can build and grow your home-based business to its full potential helping to "regenerate the quality of your life and your customer's lives."